What does Andy Dalton Have to Do In 2014?

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This Bengals offense will be under a new coordinator in Hue Jackson. It is key that Andy Dalton take the lead, especially with this level of talent surrounding him. There are no more excuses for this team to not only win the division, but get to the championship game this year. Even with the loss of a few good players, the core is still intact.

Dalton will have to show consistency all year. Every player is allowed one or two down games, but this defense can’t carry this team 80% of the year like in years past. Dalton will have to limit the turnovers to at least a 2 to 1 ratio or better in touchdowns to interceptions, compared to 2013’s year’s 33 TD/20 INT. He has an offensive line that can hold any defense at bay, and he just needs to be smarter with the football.

He will also have to win a playoff game. Until he does that, there will always be a question about his capability at the next level. Dalton has the talent and he has shown that through the season. He can lead a game winning drive and can make great throws. It all comes back to consistency and his capability to adjust to a defense during the game as the play caller.