NFL Draft: Updated Offensive Top Five At Each Position

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With the draft a little over two weeks away teams should have their draft boards about set.  This years draft is busting with talent and it is harder then ever to predict what might happen and where players might go. Let’s take a look at the my updated top five at each position on offense.

Feb 23, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Eastern Illinois quarterback James Garoppolo (FL), Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron (L), Louisville Cardinals quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (R), and Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (FR) look on during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


  1. Teddy Bridgewater
  2. Blake Bortles
  3. Johnny Manziel
  4. Zach Mettenberger
  5. Jimmy Garoppolo 5b. AJ McCarron

The weird thing about this year’s draft and it’s quarterback class is that in five years some of the mid round guys might be the ones still playing and the first round guys could be out of the league. The “top” three guys all have question marks in their games, and to be honest if I’m a top 10 team looking for a quarterback I wait until the 2nd and maybe even third round, continuing to build from a draft that is filled with talent. If I have to pick a top guy it’s Bridgewater, he is the best all around. I would like to see him go through some progressions, at Louisville he seemed to have one maybe two reads and then he would move around.

I can’t help but like Zach Mettenberger and how he throws a football. It’s effortless at times. He will have to be protected in the pocket, so if I’m the Texans I take either a tackle, Clowney, or Mack and then Mettenberger in the second.  He throws the ball better then any of the top guys. A guy whose film I really like is Garoppolo, quick release, goes through some reads, and avoids pressure by moving in the pocket in a non, chicken with its head cut off, type of way.  There is no denying that Manziel had some special moments and has skills, I just don’t know how well his game is going to translate, he can’t turn his head and spin in the pocket like that in the NFL. I  have a sneaking feeling about McCarron, I have to wonder if he doesn’t become someone’s starter by the end of his rookie year and also wouldn’t be surprised if he winds up in New England to be Tom Brady’s eventual replacement.