Predicting the Season: Week 1 Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens

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Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals still have a majority of the core of the top 5 defense we saw the past 2 years. The Bengals are expected to add some threats in the passing defense department and rightfully so.

Baltimore Ravens: The running game for Baltimore is consistently a threat to all defenses.

Cincinnati Bengals: The offense’s consistency is always cause for concern. Andy Dalton must show growth almost immediately in order to give this team the best chance at winning.

Baltimore Ravens: Although the offense has proven to be a major strength in the past, it was Baltimore’s weakness last year. Joe Flacco had two fourth quarter turnovers that gave Cincinnati the opportunity to come back.

Keys to the Game:
Cincinnati Bengals: The offense must be the key to pulling out a week one win. Andy Dalton must limit his mistakes, throwing 3 interceptions last year. The Defense must remain strong but it must not rely on their shoulders.

Baltimore Ravens: They have to find a way to break down the Bengals defensive line and linebackers. Their offense will need to limit their turnovers and the defense must win the turnover battle.

Prediction: The Baltimore Ravens take a close week one game 17-13