Cincinnati Bengals Week 2: Home vs. the Atlanta Falcons

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Atlanta Falcons Strengths:
The Atlanta Falcons have a talented core with Matt Ryan still at the controls of the offense, Roddy White, Harry Douglas, Steven Jackson, and new edition Devin Hester.

Cincinnati Bengals Strengths:
The Bengals just as impressive with a strong wide receiver core in A.J. Green, Marvin Jones, and Mohammed Sanu. A Dual threat at Tight End set with Tyler Eifert and Jermaine Gresham. A Defense who can match up with almost any offense.

Atlanta Falcons Weaknesses:
Weaknesses include a team who can be uncertain to which side will show up to play. Last year between a tough strength of schedule and strong division showed major holes in this teams overall play. If addressed in the offseason correctly, could put the Atlanta Falcons back into top team conversations.

Cincinnati Bengals Weakness:
Although the same fear as every week with the offensive consistency, the Cincinnati Bengals fair well at home. The defense could run into being worn down towards the end with this offensive core and could become a very close game

Atlanta Falcons Keys to the Game:
Wear down the Bengals Defense and keep the game close. They could expose some holes late that could put them ahead at the end.

Cincinnati Bengals Keys to the Game:
Stop the pass. Matt Ryan loves to throw and the short catch and run game is key for players like Roddy White and Harry Douglas. Offensively they must remain sound at home and limit mistakes.

Bengals win 30-20 as the Falcon’s late comeback will fall short.