Grading the Cincinnati Bengals 2014 Draft

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Their late 6th round pick answered a depth need at linebacker, with the departure of James Harrison. The Cincinnati Bengals picked up Marquis Flowers from Arizona. His height and speed helps to cover the field and get to the quarterback. Draft Grade B-

In the 7th round the Bengals added a late wide receiver, James Wright out of LSU, and corner Levelle Westbrooks from Georgia Southern. They are already deep on wide receivers which may push Wright to special teams, unless injuries pull him into the rotation. Westbrooks is another depth move that could potentially see field time with an injury plagued defensive backfield, maybe even into a safety role. Draft Grade: C+

The Bengals overall grade in this draft is a B-. A puzzling second round pick with a running back and a late wide receiver in a stacked depth offensive position pushed them down from an overall great draft.