Cincinnati Bengals Preview: Week 5 at New England

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Cincinnati Bengals Weaknesses: Last year, rain played a huge factor in the choice to play a heavy ground game. If the weather is better, Dalton may throw more, which will test these wide receivers against some physical and quick defensive backs.

New England Patriots Weaknesses: It almost seems like the Patriots offense lives and dies with Tom Brady. The defense will usually keep this team in the game but they seldom win a games for the Patriots. The game rests on Brady and the offenses shoulders to score points this time around.

Cincinnati Bengals Keys to the Game: The offense has will have to match the Patriots offense score for score to give them a chance. Look for the defense to take some of the load but wear down in the fourth, if they are to win it will need to win a 4th quarter shootout.

New England Patriots Keys to the Game: If it comes down to a 4th quarter shootout, give Tom Brady the edge. He will have to play well against this tough defense in order to make sure they do not get behind early.

Prediction for the Game: This game is on Sunday Night Football and the Bengals and Primetime do not go as well together as they would like. I look for this to be a close matchup like last year but give the patriots a 21-17 edge. This should be a must watch game though!