Cincinnati Bengals 2014 Season Preview: Week 6 vs. the Carolina Panthers

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Cincinnati Bengals Strengths:
Defense is a huge key in this game. It may actually decide the game, in which I give the edge to the Bengals with the style of defense they play and that it is in Cincinnati. This game will also come down to who makes less mistakes on offense. Dalton must have better field vision to keep the Bengals from creating turnovers.

Carolina Panthers Strengths:
Defense is key for Carolina’s success, this may be a low scoring game with two top 5 defenses. They are a huge reason for this team’s success last year.

Cincinnati Bengals Weakness:
This offense has known to struggle against solid defense, the major thing going for this offense is that this is a home game. If this game comes down to the wire, Dalton must be smart with time management and ball management.

Carolina Panthers Weakness:
Newton has gotten more comfortable in the pocket as his line around him has improved, but get to Newton and he will panic. This will be key to creating mistakes, turnovers, and 4 and outs.

Cincinnati Bengals Keys to the Game:
Getting out of the gate is going to prove vital to keeping Newton always playing from behind. He will force passes to try to make big plays if he starts to panic from being down on the scoreboard. Offense needs to limit mistakes and have better ball management.

Carolina Panthers Keys to the Game:
Keep Newton safe and comfortable. If they can protect their Quarterback and give him time, then he will see the field much better and make plays happen.

Cincinnati will win this game in a defensive battle with a 17-10 score.