Cincinnati Bengals: Stripe Hype Fan Question and Answer


Jul 26, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; The Cincinnati Bengals during training camp at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

With training camp started football is finally back! After day four of camp the emphasis seems to be efficient offense, fast defense, and keeping everyone healthy. So continuing from last week let look at some questions that came in.


Dustin, with the offense focusing on fast paced do you think this will produce similar stats/results to last year for Andy Dalton and AJ Green or will there be a drop off? Dean Cincinnati, OH.

Dean, I heard and interesting statement this week, “There are two types of up-tempo offenses, ones that are effective and ones that are not”.   That will be the key to success for the offense, Dalton, and Green.  Sustaining drives, converting in the red zone, and utilizing the personnel to their strengths. One thing I’m do believe, Green will break a 1000 again, and Dalton won’t throw over 20 interceptions.


Hey been following the Bengals the last few years for two reasons, Terrence Newman and my brother in law is a Bengals fan. What are your thoughts on Terrence Newman and the other Kansas Stater, Emanuel Lamur. Do you think that Newman will make the team and what kind of stats can we expect out of Lamur? Ryan, Kansas City, MO.

Well Ryan I think both are going to be a big part of this defense. Lamur probably more the Newman but Newman is a great guy to have in the fold and has reportedly looked 25 not 35 in camp so far.  He could also be starting week 1 opposite Hall with Dennard in the slot and Adam Jones returning punts.  Lamur is going to get a lot of playing time in base sets and the nickel. If I had to project his stats I would say 75 tackles, 3 sacks, and 2 ints.  Go Cats!

With some of the injuries around the league do you think that the Bengals could get anything for Ben Jarvis Green Ellis? Thanks Jim Covington, OH.

I have pondered this as well and I don’t know why more GM’s don’t try and trade for guys like BJGE. He is in a real battle to keep his spot on the roster but I think he still has value.  If I’m a team like Buffalo, Carolina, or even back to New England why wouldn’t you offer a 6th rounder for a hard running healthy back? In reality I think teams know that he might be cut and they can get him without taking on his 2.5 million dollar salary or giving a pick or player.

Dustin, I’m a lifelong Bengals fan and season ticket holder can’t wait for the season to start! Like all Bengals fans I’m ready for a playoff win, what is the one key to accomplishing this feat that has eluded the team for 23 years? Thanks Don, Cincinnati, OH. 

Don thanks for the question, I know I’m ready for that win as well and I thought last year against an inferior Chargers team was our chance. What happened? Coaching and quarterback play.  That is also what will make this team go this year as well. The roster is here, the defense will do their part. Now the offensive coaching and head coach need to make sure that all cylinders are firing during these primetime/division games.  I think Hue Jackson is going to have a big impact on how this offense and its quarterback plays and how they respond when bad Andy shows up. What they need to do first though is make sure that they take care of business during the regular season.

Looking at the schedule I’m afraid that things could go a couple of directions. One direction 8 wins, another 12 winds. What are your thoughts about the upcoming schedule and what is your prediction? Thanks like the new segment, Greg, Lincoln NE. 

By winning the division last year they get awarded games with New England and Denver, the other division winners. I do think that they could be 3-0 headed into the very early week four bye which is only good because they will have two weeks to prep for New England.  NFL coaches like to break the schedule down in quarters so here is my prediction:

at Baltimore   W
VS Falcons W
VS Titans W
at New England L

VS Carolina W
at Indianapolis W
VS Baltimore L
VS Jacksonville W

VS Cleveland W
at New Orleans L
at Houston W
at Tampa Bay W

VS Pittsburg W
at Cleveland L
VS Denver W
at Pittsburg L

So there you have it 11-5 is my prediction and I think they could even win a couple more. They could also lose a couple more. With the early bye attrition will have to be monitored as players will get worn down as the season progresses and the games get that much tougher and more important.

That does it for this week, if you would like to send in a question post in the bottom comments or post on my twitter @DDMeritt.