Cincinnati Bengals: 5 Situations To Watch Tomorrow Night

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Ryan Hewitt 

Ryan Hewitt will also make his first appearance in a Bengals’ uniform tomorrow night. Could he be Hue Jackson’s next Marcel Reece? Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals took the time this off-season to find themselves some options, in case they want to carry at fullback or half-back this year, by signing both Ryan Hewitt and Nikita Whitlock as UDFAs. Although Whitlock has been quiet during this year’s camp, the same cannot be said for Hewitt. Hewitt has been impressive in camp thus far and may be on the verge of supplanting Orson Charles.  

The Bengals made it a point to prioritize Charles last year by cutting the better fullback in John Connor. Charles hasn’t panned out and an off-season arrest, for wanton endangerment in Kentucky, simply can’t help his case. Hue Jackson coveted the weapon he had in Marcel Reece while coaching in Oakland. I can’t help but think that Jackson is seeking out a similar weapon and Hewitt has a very similar build and seems to playing in a very similar way. If Hewitt can prove to be a steady lead-blocker and capable of sealing his man off, Jackson should fall in love considering how important Reece was towards helping Jackson’s offenses finish near the top in the NFL and, more importantly for the Bengals, near the top when it came to rushing offense; something the Bengals have struggled with in recent years.

At this point, Hewitt’s biggest hurdle may come in the form of Jeremy Hill. Hill was drafted, in part, for his ability to block. This should help Andy Dalton in the passing game, but he could also prove to be a capable lead blocker for Giovani Bernard; the Bengals have given the two an opportunity to play together at times during OTAs. The Bengals possess an excess of talent and securing all of it will be impossible. If Hill is given the opportunity and proves to be a capable blocker, Hewitt may fall into John Connor’s boat (getting cut without doing anything particularly wrong) and find himself on the practice squad so the Bengals can retain another player at a different, more necessary, position. If not, Hewitt could be in a prime position tomorrow night to set the tone within this battle for the remainder of the camp.