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Jul 26, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals helmets rest on the ground during training camp at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We here at StripeHype are excited to get football back into our weekly routine. In honor of football season, we bring back the Sunday Morning Round Table. Every week we will sit down with our writers and discuss a few questions on everyone’s minds. Feel free to find us on Twitter @stripehype and submit your question, you may see it on the next issue of Bengals Sunday Morning Roundtable on

One preseason game down, how did this Bengals team look both first string and Depth?
Ty Mercurio
The first string offense looked about as crisp as I have ever seen during preseason. There were no mental lapses, which is incredible for the first drive of the first preseason game. The offensive line looked a little bit porous, but keeping in mind that Boling, Whitworth, and Smith did not play, that is a good sign.

As for the back-ups, Jason Campbell had issues with the offense beyond belief. The blocking up front was lacking, but at the same time a seasoned veteran like Campbell should know better than to make the throws he did. Rex Burkhead showed the quick feet and increased speed that we have been hearing about this offseason. The defensive line needs some work. It was not disciplined in terms of the players staying in their lanes. The line allowed too many cut-back lanes, but when you have players such as Sam Montgomery and Larry Black who have never played a snap for the Bengals defensive system it is understandable.

Matthew Willson
I was encouraged by how well the first team has adapted to the systems put in place by Hue Jackson and Paul Guenther. The depth concerned me on defense and offensive line. I would love to see depth be stronger on the offensive line, where we have seen many injuries over the NFL season last year. On Defense, they just need to see a more veteran presence in the secondary and help the rookies and inexperienced players find their place.

David Petrocelli
The first-string offense looked sharp and aggressive, clearly emulating Hue Jackson’s approach to football.  Naturally I was glad to see Dalton and Green start out well, but the effectiveness of the running game got me most excited.  The first team defense looked sharp and ready.  Burfict was Burfict and the rest followed suit creating a 3 and out.  I can’t wait until Geno returns.

The depth looked solid on defense, especially when watching Hunt manhandle is opposing lineman while getting to Tyler Bray for the sack.  The big problem was shown to be Jason Campbell.  It was a little shocking to me considering the success he displayed with Jackson in Oakland.  The injury didn’t help, but I’d expect better showings down the road for Campbell, just hopefully the Bengals don’t need them in the regular season.

Norwood Jones
Hard to make a full assessment.  Defense line looked shallow, but bubble players saw a lot of time, which may have effected things. Offensive line was similar with sloppy play from a few players repeated.  However there were clear indications of some real roster battles forming, like tight end and running back…as well as that second quarterback spot.  Jason Campbell is clearly not a lock.