Cincinnati Bengals following Seahawks Recipe

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The Bengals roster is beginning to resemble the Super Bowl champs. Can they find similar success? Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few years the Bengals have been doing a fantastic job of upgrading their personnel in an effort to establish themselves  as one of the league’s best organizations.  They’ve built their roster in a variety of ways such as using Mike Brown’s “redeemer” mantra to gain a talent like Adam Jones, by using Marvin Lewis’ vision to acquire a talent like Vontaze Burfict, by using Duke Tobin’s draft savvy to put together some of the NFL’s best drafts in recent years, and finally using Katie Blackburn’s newfound influence to keep the quality players the Bengals have developed (thanks to Mike Brown’s succession of power).  But if the NFL has taught us anything, it’s proven there’s a specific recipe for being successful in the playoffs and the Bengals have used it to shape their personnel and current game plan.   The Seahawks found this recipe last year as have many past champions.  Taking a quick look at the Bengals shows they have a roster that possesses enough talent to achieve a similar level of success in 2014.