Stripe Hype: Cincinnati Bengals Fan Question and Answer


How great is it to have football back! Even if it’s preseason the excitement of the start NFL regular season is hard to contain. Last weeks preseason was a good example of two teams that have similar rosters and similar depth.   This weeks game will feature a New York Jets team who has a strong defense but a suspect offense with a second year quarterback and question marks at pass catcher also. Let’s look at some questions that readers have going into the second preseason game.

Dustin, with the loss of Marvin Jones is the offense/Andy going to try too hard to push the ball to AJ resulting in stalled drives and turnovers? Let’s hope he get’s back soon. Thanks Spree from Ohio.  

Thanks for the question Spree. The Marvin Jones injury hurts, because in reality he was the only receiver not named AJ that teams truly were going to have to watch out for.  This offense will still run through Green though and he will get the ball forced to him early on this season. With that said hopefully the running game does it’s part so Andy Dalton doesn’t have to take so many chances with the football.  Mohammad Sanu will fill in ok but to me the other guy that also has to step up now is Tyler Eifert. He needs to show he can consistently get open and secure the ball.

After watching last weeks game I had to wonder if Dre Kirkpatrick will ever live up to his first round status and become a starting corner for the team. What are your thoughts on Dre and his future? Tony Omaha NE. 

Well I was there in KC when he ran right into the “Black Mamba” and the young man out of Oregan shrugged him off like nothing. I also watched the second and third team KC offense pick on the former first rounder with guys that will be bagging groceries in a few weeks. So my thoughts on Mr. Kirkpatrick, he is what he is a very slight corner with proper tackling skills, good ball awareness and instincts, but bad technique when forced to go backwards. He is also not good at gunner and Darren Simmons needs to put someone else there ASAP because Dre is going to cost this team a game.  At this point he is the 5 th corner if you’re not counting Daniel Manning at nickel and I don’t trust him any higher. But what do you do with a guy who is not good on special teams and not a starter? Call the Jets, I know they are short on corners.  Thanks Tony.

Hey Dustin, as our offensive line limps into the season I can’t help but be upset at why they didn’t resign Anthony Collins. Andrew Whitworth could have stayed at left guard and Pollack or Boling could have been at center instead of a rookie. Am I over reacting or does this line scare you too? Thanks Pete Louisville KY. 

I’m right with you Pete, you don’t home grow a left tackle and let him walk out the door, there just too hard to come by.  I was very disappointed at the team for not chasing Collins because I don’t know how many more season big Andrew Whitworth’s body can give this team.  Now I will say that I think Collins was ready to move on after sitting behind some far inferior/often injured players in the past and wanted to go where he was a clear-cut starter. I think had I been the Bengals I would have found a way to get him paid and inserted him at left tackle for the next five seasons. What is scary about this line is there is no Anthony Collins to go to when Whit and or Andre go down and if they think Marshall Newhouse is the answer then Andy Dalton better work on the quick release. I am already predicting a tackle in the first round of the 2015 draft. Thanks for the question Pete.

Hey lifelong Bengals fan Tim here. With such a deep roster it seems like there might not be a spot for some quality players. Is there anybody that you see being a surprise cut this year? Thanks Tim Cincinnati, Ohio. 

You are right Tim and what a great problem to have. The one guy that I think may not make this team is, former second round defensive tackle Devon Still. Our heart goes out to the guy who is dealing with an ailing daughter which if you’re a parent you can imagine how hard it would be to focus and be motivated. Still in my opinion just didn’t seem to have it in Kansas City last week, he just looked sluggish and they guy who is looking to take his spot Christo Bilukidi, had an active game. You hate to cut a 2nd rounder but as last year showed you must have someone behind Geno Atkins that can be counted on. Devon Still has just been too injured and too ineffective to be that guy.

Thanks for the questions this week. Remeber if you would like to submit a question post in the comments below or post on Twitter @DDmeritt.