Cincinnati Bengals: Stripe Hype Sunday Round Table

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Jun 11, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron (5) directs his team at the line during minicamp at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We are only a few weeks away from the start of the CIncinnati Bengals regular season. We have looked to our readers for questions and we were not disappointed. If you would like to submit your questions, find us on twitter @StripeHype.

From Alex: @CBJAlex_lax

Haven’t been paying attention but will McCarron play in the preseason?

It doesn’t look like he will.  The Bengals have wanted McCarron to rest his shoulder.  I wrote a piece on potential decisions the team could consider going forward with McCarron.  I’ll try not to repeat myself further, but I doubt he’ll be healthy enough and in game shape prior to the preseason’s final game.

Lets be clear: this “tightness” in his throwing shoulder is not real.  A week ago it was a convenient reason to place him on the IR so the Bengals did not have to worry about him being snatched off the practice squad.

Now that Jason Campbell is not looking like rock-solid veteran back-up that we was expected to be last Thursday against the Chiefs, McCarron’s shoulder might suddenly clear up.  That’s still bit of a Pandora’s Box though. If the McCarron plays and does not meet expectations, then the Bengals may have a hard time placing him on the IR, in which case they either have to take a third QB or risk him on the PS.

Additionally, if he plays and does make the roster, and Dalton has a slump, the media will clamor for him to start.  The last thing the Bengals want is a Tebow / Manziel story following the team this year.  To sum up, I don’t think he plays this year.  No good can come of it.  Next year, however, look for McCarron to come out of nowhere and be an uncontested back up.

Ty: McCarron will not be playing this preseason. He has a lingering injury to his shoulder and will most likely miss the first two months of the season if not more. Expect him to be placed on the 8-Week Injured Reserved or kept on the P.U.P. list.