Sunday Cincinnati Bengals Roundtable 8/24

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Jun 11, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals helmets sit in the end zone during minicamp at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals enter game 3 of the 2014 NFL Preseason 0-2 but not because of the starters. So we had to ask our guys a few questions that we thought fit after seeing this team in two games.

2 games down, what are your best and worst of this preseason so far?
Best of the preseason, no doubt is Andy Dalton. Dalton has looked in complete control of the offense through two games, and has connected on several deep passes. The Hue Jackson scheme seems to fit Dalton nicely, and signing a new contract appears to have relieved more pressure that created. If Dalton can keep this up throughout the regular season, the Bengals really might be contenders early.

Worst of the preseason has to be the non-starters. The drop off between the first string and everyone else is very noticeable, which at the pro level, should not be. Yes, the Bengals have time to work with these guys and fix a few things, and player development is something this coaching staff is known for. With that said, rotation players are critical give the Bengals early bye week. They need as many fresh bodies in the game as the season goes on as they can get.
Best – Ryan Hewitt’s hair.  The corn-fed blocking tight end’s blond mini-mullet is almost as intimidating as solo piano music in a slasher film.  As a full back, Hewitt hunts for blockers like a barracuda, and as a receiver, Hewitt looks like one of the opposite team’s linebackers put on the wrong jersey.  Either way, the signature tuffs ending out from the back of a tiger-striped helmet is an original sin.  Worst – Cobi Hamilton’s hands.  Two catches?  C’mon man.
After two games, Andy Dalton has impressed me the most. He looks a lot more confident than he ever has, and has been spot on with the ball. HE’S MAKING THE DEEP THROWS!!!!!!! I think he has a chip on his shoulder, and Hue Jackson is going to help him a lot.

Now for the worst……….the backups. This team is supposed to be stacked, but only our starters have been playing well. We can only hope they can get it together, because we can’t afford a lot of injuries.