Sunday Cincinnati Bengals Roundtable 8/24

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Who has been the biggest surprise so far?
Marquis Flowers has been the “surprise” in my eyes. Due to the Bengals understanding of Emmanuel Lamur and their choice to invest on him, I feel like the Bengals knew exactly what they were doing when selecting Flowers. Nonetheless, a sixth rounder is always a long shot, but Flowers has taken advantage of his chance. His confident and fiery demeanor will bring additional fire to the unit. I’m excited to see the Bengals develop him in the same manner they did with Lamur.
The biggest surprise this preseason has been the resurgence of Mohammed Sanu. Sanu looked impressive in his rookie campaign until getting hurt toward the end of 2012, and relatively unimpressive in 2013. Fast forward to this preseason and Sanu looks surprisingly good.

He could very well challenge Marvin Jones once he comes back from injury, for that coveted #2 receiver spot across from A.J. Green. If Sanu keeps this up he will no doubt find himself on the field more often than not, and he can be a Hue Jackson secret weapon given his throwing abilities.
Hands down, the biggest surprise for me has been the complete fallout at back up quarterback.  Jason Campbell had me feeling extremely confident as a veteran mentor to Dalton, especially in circumstances were a Hue Jackson medium would be required to interpret the new offense.  Not only was Campbell throwing motion as readable as Tim Tebow’s, but the subsequent injury left me a bit wide eyed just three quarters into the preseason.  Still, after tossing the Chiefs a handful of pick-sixes, I wasn’t that disappoint to see an injury make the fight for this roster spot a bit easier to make.