Sunday Cincinnati Bengals Roundtable 8/24

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What is your prediction for this season? Record? Where do they finish?
Prediction for this season, as the year is unfolding, is still 10-6 with an AFC North crown. I think they could easily win more than 10, but a week 4 bye, opening at Baltimore, games against New England, Denver, and two against Pittsburgh in the last month of the season really allow for more losses. The Bengals have been streaky in the past, but this team is very complete up and down the roster, so the games they do lose will more than likely be because they shot themselves in the foot.

Will they win a playoff game? I think so. I definitely think they are hungry enough and want it badly enough that they will find a way to win it. I also believe if they win a playoff game they will find themselves in the AFC Championship game, with a chance to go to the Super Bowl. I don’t believe they are talented and deep enough just yet to win that game and go to the Super Bowl, but, you never know.
There’s no reason the Bengals can’t win this division again. Their roster remains extremely strong and they were prepared for their biggest loss of the off-season, Michael Johnson, with a very promising replacement in Margus Hunt. I see this team winning the division with an 11-5 record.

Their playoff success revolves around Dalton, but with Jackson’s running game prowess, this team will be better built for the playoffs and has the opportunity to go all the way. As far as I’m concerned, anything less than an appearance in the AFC Championship game has to be seen as a failed season.
The Cincinnati Bengals have the chance to go 11-5 this season with going 4-2 in the division. They will win the division with that record and they might even fight for a first round bye this year, which would be well welcomed. I see them getting their first playoff win and getting to the AFC Championship game if the can accomplish those goals.
I think the Bengals finish 10-6 atop the AFC North with losses to Browns, Ravens, Saints, Tampa Bay, Broncos, and a surprise that we won’t see coming.  The Bengals should start out strong, going 3-1 in the first five weeks, and I expect losses to come sporadically.  Provided that we don’t sustain several season ending injuries to key players, the orange momentum should be hard to stop.