High Five: 5 Bold Predictions for the 2014 NFL Season

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Aug 15, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez (3) looks to pass the ball against the New England Patriots in the first half during the preseason game at Gillette Stadium. The New England Patriots defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 42-35. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

2) There will be there two high profile trades during the regular season.

If the preseason was any indicator, some teams are already having the proverbial pep-talk in the mirror.  Meanwhile, several other franchises are feeling final gusts of wind as their windows of opportunity slowly close.  In some cases, like the Patriots and the Broncos, the age of their elite signal caller emits a noticeable hint of mortality mixed with the overwhelming fragrance of possibility.  For others, like Carolina or Indianapolis, their rookie phenoms are inching closer to significant paychecks that will force away otherwise key veterans on the roster.  In both cases, ambitions could drive otherwise stable franchises to make frantic moves.

Take for example Saint Louis’s recent loss of Sam Bradford.  After constructing a defensive dreadnaught is the front office willing to slink back into the depths of the NFC West?  Or will they become desperate enough to mortgage a second round pick for a signal caller like Mark Sanchez who is familiar with this scheme?  We aren’t even out of the preseason, folks.

I’m not offering divination with regards to the Rams situation.  What I am suggesting however is that this season will see more than one such dilemma, and further, I expect at least two teams to pull the trigger on marquee trades this season in order to facilitate deeper playoff runs, or perhaps in the case of Saint Louis, just survive.