Stripe Hype: Bengals Fans Questions and Answers

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Well here we are, a week from the regular season opener against the Baltimore Ravens. A week away from really knowing if this team is prepared for a season that they need to end on a high note.  I guess there is no better way to know then traveling to a division rival for the opener.  So my questions going into the opener are; can this finally be the year that this club breaks the longest playoff winning drought of any team?  We know the roster is here, the coaches are in place, so Who Dey Think Gonna Beat Those Bengals? This weeks Stripe Hype Fans questions and answers:

Dustin, I’m a little concerned about the running back position. Why did the team not keep BJGE, he was solid insurance in case Hill or Gio got injured? What happens if Hill goes down I just don’t thing Gio can handle a full load.  Thanks Declan from Rose Hill.

Declan trust me when I say this, you’re not alone. I just heard Chick Ludwig talk about this on his Monday Morning Quarterback show and I know that many Bengals fans are upset. Here is what I will tell you, BenJarvus Green-Ellis was a valuable Bengals during his time here, but his cost as a 3rd string running back was just too high.  Paying a 3rd string running back 2.3 million this year just isn’t good business. Green-Ellis doesn’t play special teams, averages under four yards a carry, and offer very little in the passing game. I also doubt that he would have wanted to sit inactive until needed. Also don’t forget about James Wilder Jr. on the practice squad, he ran hard in the preseason and also plays special teams. It was a tough cut, and if there was a 54th roster spot Benny might still be around, on a reduced salary of course.

Hello, I can wait for next Sunday football is finally back! My question is with the way Jeremy Hill ran in the last preseason game do you think that the Bengals will install him as the lead running back over Gio? He seems like a true every down back where Gio would be more change of pace. Ray Godfrey Louisville KY.

Wow did Hill look strong running the football the other night, however half of those guys are probably out of work now as Indy had their 3rd/4th stringers in the game.  With that said I think the only people who really get wrapped up with the “lead back” notion is fantasy footballers, fans, and the media, coaches look for who can exploit the other team he best on that day.  Now Gio is just too talented to keep on the sideline very often, but to somewhat preserve him for the last quarter of the year would I believe would be the best idea. So I see an equal share load with Gio getting more work in the passing game. My guess is this is what Hue Jackson has in mind also. What I do think we will see is Hill will be used to grind out the end of games, much like the guy he replaced. Here’s to hoping we see some pro sets as well with both on the field at the same time.