Stripe Hype: Bengals Fans Questions and Answers

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Dustin, overall I think that this team has a very solid roster and competent players at every position.  I think that our biggest strength is at defensive end and our biggest weakness is at center. What do you see as the biggest strength of the roster and the biggest weakness?  Amy Lanford Houston Texas. 

Amy thanks for the question. I agree the emergence of Margus Hunt the defensive end is a decent strength and probably has the best depth of any position. Who would have thought that back in March after the loss of end Micheal Johnson.  I also though have to give some love to the corner position. I don’t think there is a better group, as a whole, in the NFL. Now what we hope with this group is that they remain healthy and keep that pep in the step through December. I would have to disagree with the biggest weakness being center, I think that Bodine will be just fine positioned between Clint Boling and Kevin Zietler. Linebacker is where I’m concerned because they didn’t upgrade at MLB, Rey Maualuga just misses too many tackles and leaves the middle exposed and Vinny Rey just didn’t look good this preseason. I like the potential of Lamur but he is a CFA who will be starting his first game since the 2012 season. I really belive that they wanted one of these young guys, Flowers, Porter, DiManche to step up but injuries and inconsistency plagued this group during the preseason.

Ok its prediction time what is your prediction for the upcoming season? I say 13-3 with a first round bye, Super Bowl or bust baby! Gene from the UK. 

Gene I like your enthusiasm and think that there is no reason to believe that this team can’t reach 13 wins. They have, and I have looked, a top 5 AFC roster. Of course injuries and attrition are always a part of  NFL success along with coaching. To me what will separate this team from being truly great will be the head coach. Marvin has been great for this franchise but he has to show that he can get his hands of his hips and coach his butt off during games. He needs to show some Pete Carroll, get fired up on the sideline, and hold guys accountable when they screw up on the field. So with that said here is my season prediction, drum roll please……………..11-5 once again winning the division and claiming the fourth seed in the playoffs with a rematch against the Chargers, a rematch they win. Thanks Gene