Ray Rice Video Received by NFL?


Was the Ray Rice video received by the NFL? The AP says yes. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

According to an AP report, the NFL did in fact receive a copy of the elevator video which shows Ray Rice knocking out his now wife.

Goodell has claimed several times that the NFL hadn’t received the video prior to its TMZ release.  If in fact they did (and it’s looking like they did), this story will snowball into something the NFL never should’ve let happen.

What Ray Rice did was obviously despicable even if his wife chooses to defend him.  But covering up this kind of evidence is a massive indictment against the NFL and could have far reaching ramifications for both Goodell and the league.  Could it ultimately cost him his job?  Could other owners who sit on committees also be held liable in the court of public opinion?

As sad as this story is, ultimately it’s a good thing that all this is coming out.  The NFL has an obligation to live up to high standards and should use it’s public standing and social influence to stand for positive values (as should all of professional sports).  Tolerating, much less covering up, this kind of behavior is inexcusable.  Does Ray Rice deserve a second chance?  I don’t know at this point.  I generally believe in people having the opportunity to right their wrongs, but because the NFL has created such a mess here, it’s likely he may never see that chance.  If the NFL is actively tolerating this type of behavior when it’s proven “beyond a shadow of doubt” one has to wonder if those in control of the league (Goodell) deserve that type of second chance.

It’s disappointing to see such a powerful organization stand on the wrong side of such important issues, but fortunately this information is getting out there and hopefully the NFL as an organization can take the necessary action to right it’s wrongs.  It has the responsibility to be better for its fans, the youth that aspire to be a part of it, and to promote the kind of values its fan base can be proud of.  If this proves to be true, and serious action isn’t taken, the NFL may see America’s “consumer power” take action into its own hands.