Cincinnati Bengals: Compensatory Picks Watch


Buccaneers’ defensive end Michael Johnson and their starting left tackle Anthony Collins, were Bengals in 2013.  Their 2014 performance could still pay dividends for the Bengals. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the departures of Michael Johnson and Anthony Collins to the Buccaneers comes compensatory picks for the Bengals.  The Bengals stand to gain high picks for each of these players, which seems to depend on their performances in the coming year; the league hasn’t released the exact formula, but it seems clear that the previous season matters while the contract they sign and the coming season also matter towards figuring out compensatory picks (here’s a solid piece regarding this topic from the Bleacher Report’s Donald Wood).  This means the Bengals may stand to gain substantial picks; a third-rounder is the highest pick awarded.  With three games having been already played this season, an update on the performances of Johnson and Collins seemed appropriate as it will effect the Bengals in the coming draft.

After a 2013 season that saw Johnson perform well for the Bengals, he’s began the 2014 season slowly while being hampered by an ankle injury.  Here’s his stats from the 2013 and 2014 season thus far.

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Johnson was one of the most highly-touted free agents this past off-season and eventually signed a 5 year/$43.75 million with the Buccaneers.  Due to his ankle injury, he’s only played 30.1% of the Bucs’ defensive snaps this year; last year he played 89.9% of the Bengals snaps while playing 52 out of 57 snaps in the team’s lone playoff game.  Despite his slow start, Johnson is a virtual lock for a third-round compensatory pick considering his high stature and enormous contract.

As for Collins, his situation is a bit different.  Collins was no doubt a quality free agent on the market this past year, though he wasn’t one of the top five free agents overall.  Collins did settle on a sizable contract though, at 5 years/$30 million, which makes him the 19th highest paid left tackle in the league.  His large contract should help the Bengals’ cause.

Collins played well for the Bengals last year when Andrew Whitworth, Andre Smith, and Clint Boling missed time last year; Collins did not give up a sack on the year.  He played in 57% of the Bengals’ total offensive snaps in 2013 and played in 100% of the team’s playoff game versus the Chargers, which should also help the Bengals cause.

This year Collins is starting for the Buccaneers as their left tackle; the line’s premier position.  He’s played 100% of the snaps thus far and seems to be performing well despite the team’s record.  If he continues to play at this rate and productively, then the Bengals should reap a substantial pick from his departure also.

Stripe Hype will periodically keep up with these former players’ performances hoping that they’ll produce for this team despite playing elsewhere.