Bengals versus Patriots: Five Bengals to Watch

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Carlos Dunlap comes in at number two on the Bengals versus Patriots Watch List. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Dunlap

Keeping with the “trenches” concept, Carlos Dunlap will play an especially important role himself.

Dunlap has been a monster to start the year.  He’s already racked up three sacks, three TFLs, and seven QB hits to start the season.  He’s causing chaos on the outside while forcing opposing quarterbacks to consider what’s going on behind them.  It’s this kind of distraction that can help the rest of the defense make plays.  Opposing teams will soon begin to consider double-teaming him, which will allow the rest of the Bengals line to enjoy 1:1 matchups; something that could help kick-start Geno Atkins.

Dunlap is a creative and versatile pass-rusher who can line up at either bookend position and uses a plethora of moves to get past his opponent.

Patriots left tackle Nate Solder has looked vulnerable this season as has fellow tackle Sebastian Vollmer.  Dunlap would do well for this defense by taking advantage of these matchups and continuing to cause havoc.  It would help get Tom Brady off the field while putting the Patriots’ defense on the field often, which would wear down this talented group.  Dunlap will prove vital on Sunday.