Bengals versus Patriots: Five Bengals to Watch

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At number three, Jeremy Hill makes the Bengals versus Patriots Watch List. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Hill

It’s this kind of effort that the Bengals will need on Sunday.  I’ll never doubt a legend like Tom Brady, especially when his “back is against the wall.”  The best way to defeat a player of his stature is to keep him off the field and this is where Hill comes in.

The Patriots boosted their secondary this off-season by bringing in players like Darrell Revis and Brandon Browner.  Although Browner has yet to play a game this season (due to suspension), the Patriots are currently ranked first against the pass having only allowed 186 yards/game thus far.  In contrast to this, the Patriots are currently 23rd in the league against the rush allowing 129.8 yards/game (4.4 yards/carry). This means the Bengals should be looking to run the ball often while attempting to gain an early lead.  This would keep Andy Dalton from having to throw often against such a stout secondary.

Jeremy Hill is currently averaging 5.1 yards/carry, which by most standards would be impressive.  But not for Hill according to Geoff Hobson, who reports Hill’s goal is 7 yards/carry.  Yet, while having this goal, Hill has the right mindset about running both for this game and for the Bengals as a team.

"“I think last game I was just picking my spots, getting the tough four and five, extending the drive, doing the four-minute drill. I’m going to do that every time. That’s for the team, I’m not going to be selfish and try to make something happen or do something too extreme. I just get the tough four or five. It will come, man. The more touches you get the opportunity will come.”"

The “opportunity” he refers to is the chance to “score a big one.”  While hoping Hill does just that against the Patriots, fans have to be happy with his “get the tough yards” mindset, which is reminiscent of former Bengal and Patriot running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

If Hill runs the way he is capable of, he could put the Bengals on his shoulders and carry them to victory.  The first prime time game of his career could prove to be Hill’s “coming out party.”