2015 NFL Draft: Five Prospects That Fit the Bengals, Episode 1

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It’s three months until the 2015 NFL draft (April 30th), but it might as well be three years.  In the next three months, prospects will attend All-Star events, the combine, Pro Days, and be subject to more dissection than a frog in a 10th grade anatomy class.  What always fascinates me is that many prospects won’t play in another game before the draft, yet opinions and thoughts about them can waver so much.

This is a very important draft for the Bengals as the roster will be experiencing a major turnover in 2016.  This year there are specific positions the Bengals must address if they are to properly prepare themselves for 2016.  Here is a first look at some prospects that would fit the Bengals’ needs well.

OLB/Pass Rusher, Vic Beasley, Clemson, 6’3″, 235lbs

I’m officially starting my “Keep The Tiger In The Jungle” campaign.  The Bengals need an athlete like Beasley to provide pressure opposite Carlos Dunlap. Nothing about Beasley fits what the Bengals traditionally do, but I think this is the year where “all bets are off” and the Bengals realize not every pass rusher has to be 6’5 280lbs.  Even if Beasley only played 25 snaps a game, he would provide what the Bengals have lacked for years, a true pass rushing threat.

Think Elvis Dumervil/Von Miller when considering Vic Beasley.  The only problem with Beasley is he’s likely off the board prior to pick 21.

Offensive Tackle, La’el Collins, LSU, 6’5″, 321lbs

Collins is a machine in the run game and fits exactly what the Bengals want to do with Jeremy Hill (also from LSU), pound the ball.  Collins would have a year to sit and work as the team’s swing tackle before tacking over as the right tackle of the future (if in fact Andre Smith isn’t retained).

Some aren’t sure if Collins can stick at tackle and think his best position in the pros might be as a guard.  This type of versatility would be appealing to the Bengals as they’ve historically valued it in their players.  If Collins is still on the board when the Bengals are “on the clock,” expect them to give Collins substantial consideration.