Five Bold Predictions for Bengals Off-Season

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If Jermaine Gresham finds an unwelcoming free agency, his time in Cincinnati could continue. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Jermaine Gresham is Retained

Much to the chagrin of many fans, Jermaine Gresham ends up back with Cincinnati in 2015.  It’s been widely reported that the Bengals, or at least some coaches according to Paul Dehner, want little to do with Gresham.  Dehner suggests that the team may not be able to trust Gresham at this point using his mental mistakes and lack of willingness to play through injuries as supporting reasons for this suggestion.

It seems inevitable that Gresham will hit free agency next month.  When he gets there though, he may not find the “welcome mat” one would hope for.  Declining production, the Bengals’ investment in other players, and Gresham’s aforementioned downsides could scare other teams off.  To boot, there is a relatively large pool of talented tight ends in this year’s draft.

Jermaine Gresham may find a free agency situation similar to the ones that both Andre Smith and Rey Maualuga found in their respective free agent years.  Could this lead to Gresham signing a short term deal in Cincinnati at a favorable price?  Could this entice the team to bring him back at a limited risk with significantly less reason to rely on Gresham?  If free agency doesn’t welcome Gresham the way he hopes it will, Gresham could find himself back in Cincinnati in 2015.

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