Five Bold Predictions for Bengals Off-Season

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Could Brian Orakpo end up with the Bengals in 2015? Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals Sign An Impact Free Agent

The Bengals aren’t known for going after “big time” free agents; they’ve shied away from this after negative experiences in the past such as the Shaun Rogers and Donte Whitner situations, not to mention Antonio Bryant and Tank Johnson.  Needless to say, free agency hasn’t been the Bengals forte.  But with the team supposedly breaking from their usual approach, the team could consider giving it another go.

This year’s free agent class presents several quality players who happen to perform at the Bengals’ positions of need.  Ignorning Ndamukong Suh, the defensive tackle class offers an appealing range of players.  Both Nick Fairley and Terrance Knighton could help the Bengals significantly while lesser space eaters like Tommy Kelly and Karl Klug could help the team and also present a measured risk.  The class even offers a player like Da’Quan Bowers who could benefit from the Bengals penchant for helping resurrect lost careers.

But defensive tackle isn’t the only appealing group.  The Bengals could also use a linebacker regardless of whether it’s a pass-rushing one or a middle linebacker.  Brian Orakpo could be lured to the Bengals at the right price.  He would significantly upgrade their pass rush.  A player like Brandon Graham would cost a good chunk of change, but could certainly help in a similar way.  Meanwhile in the middle of the defense’s second-tier, players like David Harris and Rolando McClain could hypothetically help also.

The mention of these players isn’t meant to necessarily endorse them as prudent would-be signings, but rather to present the idea that impact players can be found at the Bengals positions of need.  If the team is truly looking to find an “impact” player, they could find one.

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