2015 NFL Draft: Late Round Hidden Gems Bengals Could Select

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Jalston Fowler could be the best fullback in the 2015 NFL Draft. Mandatory Credit: Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

FB Jalston Fowler

Despite being potentially the NFL Draft’s best fullback, Jalston Fowler would be a very late round selection (or UDFA) at best.  As a converted running back with great size (6’1″, 250 pounds), Fowler can run the ball effectively, which would give the Bengals more flexibility in the backfield.  He also possesses capable hands, so he wouldn’t have to be relegated to running plays only.

Fowler is capable of locating his blocking responsibility, but will require refinement to his technique.  As of now, his blocking represents that of John Connor, a Bengal fan favorite at one time, as Fowler looks to pancake a defender rather than connect and control his assignment.

Fowler’s combine will be intriguing.  If he offers enough speed and versatility, I believe he will, teams will be more willing to invest in him as he could offer special teams ability.  If he is unable to do that, an investment in Fowler will be unlikely.

The intrigue for the Bengals would be a more talented runner in the backfield when juxtaposed to Ryan Hewitt.  It would allow the team to move Hewitt to tight end and fill the loss of Jermaine Gresham‘s blocking ability.  If Fowler proves an effective blocker, having him lead the running back through the hole while Hewitt blocks along the line would give the Bengals the makings of an incredible power running system.

The challenge for the team will be whether they have and are willing to be patient with Fowler who, again, will require time for refinement.  As a sixth or seventh round selection, Fowler could be very interesting for the Bengals.

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