2015 NFL Draft: Stripe Hype’s Thursday Discussion


The NFL Draft kicks off soon and like all fans, we at Stripe Hype have reactions of our own.  This year we wanted to offer readers the opportunity to see our reactions as the Bengals’ draft progresses. The Bengals have nine selections overall, so there won’t be a shortage of thoughts and opinions over the next few days regarding the Bengals’ choices and direction based on how they handle the draft.

Will the Bengals do the predictable and draft an offensive tackle of the future early?  Will they address the defense, which is in dire need of investment?  Or will the Bengals continue giving Andy Dalton weapons in order to make his future a bit more auspicious?  Spoiler alert, we will see an Ickey Shuffling running back in the second round, and it’ll be the man himself.

Over the next few days we will use this forum and two others (reflecting the three days of the draft) to discuss the draft.  Fans will have the chance to read our thoughts via this forum, and more importantly, will be able to impart thoughts and opinions of their own; we’d love to hear them.  This can be done via the comments sections below.  Our discussion will take place via ReplyAll.  Check it out and maybe you can join in on future discussions.

Check in with Stripe Hype throughout the draft for news, analysis, reaction, and opinions regarding the Bengals’ direction based on how they handle their nine selections.

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