2015 NFL Season: Predicting the AFC Playoff Picture

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Wild Card One: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers will probably have the toughest time of the two teams making the playoffs, given their personnel changes and schedule.  However, it is nearly impossible to imagine a NFL playoff scenario next season that doesn’t include the Steelers.

Wild Card Two: Kansas City Chiefs

Why Kansas City?  Well, they’ve reunited Jeremy Maclin with head coach Andy Reid, and in the draft, bolstered their already impressive defense.  With a healthy Jamaal Charles and a wide receiver who will find the end zone next season, the Chiefs might be a sleeper to make a run in the playoffs.

What we’ve learned from the NFL over the years is that anything can happen.  Sometimes the worst teams from the year before become the best teams and vice versa.  In such an unpredictable league, success can be whittled down to one major variable: injuries.  If players can stay healthy, it’s anyone’s game, and league for that matter.

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