Bengals Break: Paul Dawson Adding to His Acclaim


Lunchtime Links has a new name and while we are keeping the same premise of bringing you news from the Bengals, Reds, Bearcats, Buckeyes, and Blue Jackets, we are a Bengals site and want to keep that the focus. Here is the first edition of the new Bengals Break! is Fansided’s premier site for everything Bengals

Bengals’ Paul Dawson Adding to His Acclaim: Paul Dawson was arguably the steal of the draft for the Bengals and with his performance and reputation on the field growing, it can only look better for the Bengals. Can on the field reputation in college translate to his performance on the field in the NFL?

A.J. McCarron: Bengals’ Heir Apparent?: A.J. McCarron fell in the draft in 2014 to where the Bengals felt he had value to them, but is he more than just a NFL backup behind Andy Dalton?

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Reds Need to End the Jason Marquis Experiment: Jason Marquis could be nearing the end of his rotational spot with the Reds as another poor performance saw his ERA climb to 6.91 and a .321 opponents batting average. Is he worth one more chance or should the Reds move on now?

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University of Cincinnati Bearcats have a 100/1 Chance at NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship: According to Las Vegas, the UC Bearcats have a 100/1 chance to win a National Championship in Men’s Basketball, finally a better than a chance in hell, right? Maybe not.

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Ohio State Football: Teams the Buckeyes Can’t Afford to Overlook in 2015: The Ohio State Buckeyes came close to not even making the first NCAA Football Playoffs because of a loss to Virginia Tech, but came back to win it all. They can’t afford to make that mistake twice.