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Five Games Cincinnati Bengals Must Win This Season

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May 1, 2015; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams first round draft pick Todd Gurley poses for a photo after a press conference at Rams Park. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals vs. St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams are a quarterback away from a playoff berth, at least they were. This team had everything except a quarterback until they traded for former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles this offseason. The Rams have a strong defense, a two-headed rushing attack in Tre Mason and Todd Gurley, an improving offensive line, and a solid receiving core. One could make the argument that the Rams need a true number one receiver, but Tavon Austin and the rest of the core aren’t void of talent.

With the acquisition of Nick Foles, the Rams are more of a threat than they’ve been in quite some time. Regardless of this offseason improvement, the Rams are still a team that the Bengals need to check off as a win. This game will come down to the Rams’ offense versus the Bengals’ defense. By this time, Vontaze Burfict will likely be healthy and playing like the Pro Bowler we all know he is. Paul Dawson will have emerged as a star and the rest of the defense will be playing like Bengals.

The Rams will simply not have enough weapons to get past the Bengals with a win. The Bengals must send the Rams home with a lost.

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