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Bengals Break: Derron Smith A Steal?; Fantasy Football For Idiots


Today’s edition of Bengals Break features Is Bengals Safety Derron Smith a steal? Fantasy Football Guide for Idiots and so much more. is Fansided’s premier site for everything Bengals

Bengals’ Safety Derron Smith Proving to be a Steal: Derron Smith’s name came in the later rounds of this year’s NFL Draft, but it could be a low risk and high reward pick up for the Cincinnati Bengals. Early expectations having him as the fourth and final safety on the roster but will he make a bigger splash with special teams or the defense?

Fantasy Football: Drafting Ground Rules for Idiots: Thinking about getting into a friends fantasy football league for the first time? Maybe you finished dead last in your league and want some tips to move up the rankings. Stripe Hype’s very own Logan Carlaw gives you a quick guide to drafting in your fantasy league.

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Which Reds Players Should Make the All-Star Team: The Cincinnati Reds will be hosting the mid-summer classic this season at Great American Ballpark. The questions as voting comes closer to an end, which Reds players should be representing the National League at home?

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Terrelle Pryor Foolishly Posts Bengals Mini-camp Videos On Twitter: Terrelle Pryor went from getting tattoos for memorabilia to posting videos of a teams mini-camp on his twitter account. Pryor said he wanted to grow from his experience and mistakes in college but should this mistake cost him his career in the NFL? is property of the Fansided Network

Columbus Blue Jackets Draft Day Excitement: The Columbus Blue Jackets are just days away from the NHL Draft and they are starting to weigh their options about who they want to pick and moves they want to make. Could they trade up to get a franchise player? Frank Walker of Union and Blue gives us a better look.

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