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Who Wins Bengals’ Final Defensive Line Spot?

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Sep 28, 2014; London, UNITED KINGDOM; Miami Dolphins guard Dallas Thomas (63) and center Samson Satele (64) defend against Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Pat Sims (90) in the NFL International Series game at Wembley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pat Sims

Veteran tackle Pat Sims offers something they lacked the past couple of seasons.  The former Bengal is a great addition against the run according to defensive line coach Jay Hayes.

"“Pat was a good player for us here and we think he can fill a role for us this year. He lends a physical dimension. He’s a very aggressive run player, and we’re happy to have him back.”"

Stopping the run is vital when playing in the AFC North.  The Bengals will face several great running backs, both in and out of division, so keeping Sims means adding another dimension to the defensive line.

“There’s going to be a competition at all the positions,” Hayes said. “We’ll see if he’s still playing at the level he was at when he was here. It’s been two years. He was a good rotation guy on short-yardage and goal line. He’s a load in there. We’ll see.”

Sims also doesn’t lack confidence in himself.  He knows his role and works hard at it.  He also keeps himself in game shape, and so, is a durable player.  Sims expresses the feeling that he can play into his mid-thirties, so if you take him at his word, longevity isn’t an issue either despite being the oldest player of this group.

If Pat Sims can reclaim some of the form he displayed during his Cincinnati days, he could be an excellent addition to the defensive line.  The Bengals had a sub-par year against the run in 2014, and it significantly impacted the defense’s effectiveness.  The defense will need to return to its elite status in 2015 if the Bengals hope to recapture the AFC North crown.  Pat Sims’ addition could go a long way towards turning that goal into a reality.

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