Cincinnati Bengals: Top Five Quarterbacks in Franchise History

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Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson not only led the Bengals to their first Super Bowl, but he also still leads the Bengals in most starts by a quarterback, most career passing yards, most completions, and most touchdown passes. Anderson is widely regarded as the best quarterback in franchise history.

Ken Anderson led the Bengals to Super Bowl XVI, which they lost to the San Francisco 49ers. Anderson was named NFL MVP, Pro Football Writers Association’s MVP, Comeback Player of the Year, NFL Offensive Player of the Year and was the Bert Bell Award Winner in 1981, as well as a four-time Pro Bowler.

Anderson went onto being the Bengals broadcaster for five seasons and then into coaching for the Bengals as a quarterbacks coach and eventually the team’s offensive coordinator. He still to this day has not been elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, something that almost every Bengals fan can agree he deserves.

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