Jermaine Gresham Lands In Arizona


Former Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham has signed a one year deal with the Arizona Cardinals. Gresham played five seasons for the Cincinnati Bengals after the organization drafted him 21st overall in the 2010 NFL Draft. He became a free agent this off season and after another season of not living up to his draft stock the team and fans were finished with him.

Gresham fell out of favor in the Queen City not because he didn’t produce, because in Gresham’s first three season he got better each season. Not bad for a player that had three different offensive coordinators in his first three seasons in the league. In Gresham’s last two seasons in Cincinnati, his numbers began to slip, but that is mostly because Cincinnati drafted Tyler Eifert in the first round to try to obtain a unstoppable tight end duo.

Production was not the problem for Jermaine Gresham instead it was his unwillingness to play hurt and his costly bone headed penalties, but most of all his fumbles. Gresham could not hold on to the ball to save his life. In five seasons Gresham has had 11 fumbles.

“There’s a place for him,” Jackson said to

In my opinion, regardless of the fumbles and the boneheaded mistakes, as a fan I would’ve like to see Gresham back in Cincinnati on this one year deal. Although I do understand why the coaching staff elected not to resign the former first round pick, especially after he turned down their offers to test the market. The mistakes were just to costly for the price tag he wanted and if we want to go further into the playoffs change was needed.

As for Arizona, If Bruce Arians can get passed the mistakes, that offense just got a lot better. Former Bengal quarterback Carson Palmer and the Cardinals were on a run before his injury. Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd will not have to carry the load as much. Now, that the Arizona Cardinals have a real tight end, it makes life easier for all parties involved.

If Tyler Kroft and/or CJ Uzomah works out for the Bengals, the separation between Gresham and Cincinnati was for the best. Gresham is now in a better place for him to live up to his first round billing.

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