AFC North: Who Had the Best Defense in 2015?

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As I’ve stated time and time again, the AFC North is the best division in football. The reason why is mainly due to the defense each team possesses. The Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers and notorious for having stout defenses. Names like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Rod WoodsonJames Harrison, Jack Ham, Mel Blount and Troy Polamalu, signify the greatness of these two organizations.

The Cincinnati Bengals on the other hand are not known to people besides the 1990 “Bungals”. However, ever since Mike Zimmer and Marvin Lewis, the defense has been the focal point of this team. All Pro players like Vontaze Burfict, Geno Atkins, Leon Hall, as well as Carlos Dunlap and the list goes on. The Bengals defensive roster the last couple seasons have been a force to be reckoned with.

Last but not least, are the Cleveland Browns and although they don’t rank very high every year the defense, they are not one to be take lightly. The Browns get after it and although there may only be a few big time names, their defense is legit. These big times name include players like Joe HadenKarlos Dansby and Phil Taylor. Not to mention former Browns include names like  T.J. Ward and D’Qwell Jackson.

Defense has always been a big thing in the AFC North and this trend will continue into 2015. Last season, The Steelers ranked the highest in total defense followed by the Ravens and then the Cincinnati Bengals all within the top 12. The Browns round out at forth. After another great off season, the question remains. which team will have the best defense in the division in 2015?

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