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Cincinnati Bengals: Wide Receiver Trade Options

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With the news on James Wright, it’s hard to not be a little down about the back end of the Bengals receiving group. It’s also hard to not think, “Here we go again,” as the first injury news happens before training camp even starts. I do think that we have to step back and take a look at what James Wright was really going to do this year and that was contribute on special teams, and maybe catch 10-15 passes. But, it still is a concern for a team that didn’t draft a receiver until the 7th round this year and has it’s top three guys on the last year of their contracts.

So now what? The Bengals, like they do every year, will be looking to possibly trade for a player or even a bigger possibility, pick up a player that’s been cut by another team. As far as trades go, the Bengals have been know to deal this time of year, acquiring players like Reggie Nelson, Kelly Jennings, and Brian Lenard.  Let’s take a look at some options and possible trade partners.

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