Former Bengals WR Cobi Hamilton Goes to Dolphins Off Waivers


The Cincinnati Bengals decided to cut Cobi Hamilton after signing Greg Little, a move that many are hoping they do not regret. The good news for Hamilton is that he did not have to wait to long before waiver claims came in and he now has a shot to make another 53-man roster, unfortunately just not in stripes.

The Miami Dolphins picked up Cobi Hamilton off waivers and they made the official announcement via Twitter on Saturday.

This means that the options at wide receiver depth as well as people who know Hue Jackson’s playbook, just got smaller for the time being. He also made some impressions with the Dolphins on day one of his time in Miami.

Good for Cobi, he has been under utilized and valued in the Bengals organization and he now gets his time to show what he can do. The wide receiver depth in Miami is maybe a little less impressive than the Bengals top three but impressive none the less. Kenny Stills, Jarvis Landry, and Greg Jennings are the feature wide outs and Hamilton could be a solid fourth or fifth option if he can make the roster.

Hamilton’s only appearance was in last season playoff game against the colts, when the Bengals were missing A.J. Green, Marvin Jones, Dane Sanzenbacher all to injuries. He did not record a catch but the 6th round draft pick for the Bengals did play at least a depth role for the team with numerous injuries. In fact, Hamilton spent most of the past two seasons on the practice squad in Cincinnati except for the short period last season he was called up when the Bengals depth took injury hits.

If he can step up and make some impressions for the Dolphins, he could very well be looking at a spot on their roster. He has the athleticism but he will need a few others to make some mistakes in order to leap frog them onto this roster. We wish him all the best.