AFC North Positional Rankings: Running Back

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This preseason positional ranking series will focus on the AFC North, looking at each position and where each team stands in comparison with its rivals. We started out the series by looking at each team’s quarterbacks, so now we’re on to the next position: running backs.

The AFC North is one of the NFL’s toughest divisions, known for the ground-and-pound style of football that each team in the division loves to play. Running backs can change the momentum of a game in just a second, so their importance cannot be overstated.

In the AFC North, running backs are known for several attributes. AFC North running backs are tough; they plow through opposing defenders and sacrifice their bodies to gain extra yards. AFC North running backs are quick; they can stutter step and spin past defenders while maintaining the control to stay inbounds. And AFC North running backs are smart; they patiently wait for their blocks and cover up the football, rarely making the mistake of costing their teams a fumble.

And in a division loaded with running backs, there can only be one team that boasts the best running back corps. Let’s take a look at the four AFC North teams and their respective running backs and see which team’s running backs could make the biggest impact in the 2015 season.