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Is Sasquatch the missing link to Bengals playoff success?


Could Sasquatch be the missing link to the Bengals playoff success?

Could one player be all that’s standing in the way between the Bengals and playoff success? Is Sasquatch that missing (Jack) link?

Think about it: the guy, er, beast could be the best two-way player since Chuck Bednarik. Line him up at defensive end, and watch ol’ Sas bust through the line. He’s long, has whatever sized wingspan other 8-footers possess, is quick off the gun, and can bench press a Buick.

Switch on over to the offensive side, and Sasquatch makes for the perfect tight end. His strength and great footwork makes for a solid blocker. The speed and height makes for a banner receiver. Beyond that, if Andy Dalton runs into more of the postseason jitters, Sas can sub in for a wishbone-style quarterback. He’s the perfect role player.

Check out former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason breaking down Sasquatch’s tremendous upside.

For more of the Sasquatch saga, and to see him dominate on the field, kick on over to Sports Illustrated. Dude is gonna wreck the league this year.