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Cincinnati Bengals vs N.Y. Giants: Post Observations

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3. Rex Burkhead, Roster Effect

Head coach Marvin Lewis made it clear: “He’s not a wide receiver,” Lewis said. “He’s a half back.”. However, in Friday’s game, the first place that Burkhead lined up was at slot receiver.While he didn’t catch a pass he looked natural running routes with the first team. Burkhead also ran the ball for 23 yards before exiting with a neck injury, something that looks to be minor.

So how does Rex Burkhead affect the roster? I think that he allows them to go short at wide receiver and keep an extra tight end or running back. The chances of this are somewhat slim but it leaves the possibility open. It remains to be seen what Burkhead’s role will be once Marvin Jones returns to the first team offense, but it’s clear that offensive coordinator Hue Jackson wants to get him on the field.

4. The use of Chris Carter and Pat Sims

Two players that saw an extended amount of action were LB/DE Chris Carter and DT Pat Sims. What was surprising was that Carter saw snaps with some of the first team in a nickle end role, but failed to make a tackle despite playing 31 snaps. Carter just didn’t look natural rushing from the defensive end spot and was overwhelmed by tackles and de-cleated by a running back. He did show some natural burst off the edge and has reportedly been very good in practice, impressing the coaches on a daily basis.

The 340 lb Pat Sims looked good on his 24 snaps, contributing 4 combined tackles with one pancake tackle for loss. I think that he has locked up a roster spot and will be perfect in a rotational role. Ideally, Sims would battle Peko for starting snaps, but we know that Peko is seen as a God by the coaches, despite his low rankings by Pro Football Focus. One thing about Sims is that he looks all of 340lbs and is trouble for offensive interiors.