5 Reasons Why Bengals Will Win Super Bowl 50

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Nov 13, 1988; Kansas City, MO, USA; FILE PHOTO; Cincinnati Bengals left tackle Anthony Munoz (78) on the sidelines against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit Herb Weitman-USA TODAY Sports

1. The last time Cincy went 5-0, it made the Super Bowl.

That’s right, the last time the Cincinnati Bengals were 5-0, they made the Super Bowl. The ’88 Bengals, featuring Boomer Esiason, Anthony Munoz, Ickey Woods, Cris Collinsworth, Tim Krumrie and others, started 5-0, just like this season’s team, and eventually made the Super Bowl.

The 1988 Bengals may have been the best team in this franchise’s storied history, but the 2015 Bengals could easily rival the 1988 club as the Bengals’ all-time greatest team.

And with the hot start this season, it’s not too off a prediction to forecast the Bengals winning the Super Bowl. Even though this season’s team may not be as talent-heavy as the 1988 Bengals, Cincinnati is still loaded at virtually every position on the field, and its superstar linebacker Vontaze Burfict still hasn’t even returned from injury yet.

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