Cincinnati Bengals: Week Seven Power Rankings Roundup


The Cincinnati Bengals have reach 6-0, a mark that the team has not seen since 1988. Their win against the Buffalo Bills was just as big for this team heading into the bye week. The Bengals are 6-0 going into their week seven bye, but where will they be in the power rankings? Here is the week seven NFL power rankings roundup for your Cincinnati Bengals.

FanSided Staff Power Rankings: #1

"The Bengals cruised to another win against the Buffalo Bills this week. The Bills were still hanging with the Bengals at halftime, trailing by just three points, but Andy Dalton threw a pair of touchdown passes in the third quarter to basically put the game out of reach. More importantly, Andy Dalton continued to look like a – gasp – elite quarterback. Dalton completed 67 percent of his passes, threw three touchdowns, and zero interceptions. Wide receiver A.J. Green struggled a bit, but Marvin Jones picked up the slack and had a touchdown catch on top of his nine receptions for 95 yards."

Connor Howe of Stripe Hype: #3

"Andy Dalton is a legitimate MVP candidate, which is a very strange thought to process. While skeptics point to the emergence of Tyler Eifert and return of Marvin Jones to the offense, it’s just as important to point out that the quarterbacks of the NFL’s two best teams are the only two quarterbacks in football who can operate without weapons. Andy Dalton is a top ten quarterback. With Denver’s struggles, Cincinnati looks like the current favorite for a first-round bye."

Pete Prisco of #2

"That was a big-time win at Buffalo, especially after an emotional victory over Seattle the week before. They are rolling."

Elliott Harrison of Power Rankings: #3

"For anyone who didn’t believe in the Bengals, uh, now is the time to start. Putting up 34 points on the Bills’ defense, on the road, in inclement conditions, would meet any sort of litmus test, especially one week after Cincinnati came back from a 17-point deficit against the Seahawks. Sure, this team was fortunate to get EJ Manuel instead of Tyrod Taylor. But that shouldn’t diminish the shine on this win.By the way, Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert is on pace for, like, 91 touchdowns this year." Staff Power Rankings: #5

I am not even going to put’s quote, because it is almost as much as a bunch of fans voting for the Cardinals to be above the Bengals instead of educated sports analysts ranking the teams. A 4-2 team that lost to a third string quarterback and an offensive line that lost it’s second major lineman of the season. Come on, Wake up!

So how can they put a weakened Cardinals team ahead of the Bengals? Well, Marty Callinan of ESPN Stats and Information believe that this is not the best ranking as well. I would rather give him the credit instead of the biased ranking that is clearly wrong and until the Bengals lose, it will continue to be.

Their position could change in week eight’s power rankings depending on Carolina and New England, who are also unbeaten, but one thing is for sure, the Bengals will have a chance to get to 7-0 for the first time in franchise history when they face division foe, the Pittsburgh Steelers. If they can get past them, they will have a three game lead with nine games remaining, a good spot to be heading into November.

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