Who Dey Dish: Dalton’s Hair on Fire


Rummaging through the internet to bring you latest news about the Cincinnati Bengals and the NFL so that you don’t have to do it – this is your Who Dey Dish for Friday, November 13.

Cincinnati Bengals

Cedric Ogubehi Looks Great in First Practice

"Yesterday, Ogbuehi finally suited up and saw some action on the practice field, just a couple of weeks after linebacker Vontaze Burfict returned to practice. As great as he looked, it’s pretty clear that Ogbuehi won’t suit up on Monday night against the Houston Texans–but don’t rule out a return for next week; Ogbuehi is looking healthy and pretty much ready to go."

Behind Enemy Lines with Toro Times

"“I think Houston will have a rough night. I know the Texans fans will hate this, but I pick Cincinnati to pull this one out easily in a statement game 31-13. Dalton is looking to prove he won’t fade because the lights are on and the Bengals have struggled with Houston in playoff games in recent history, so they could exercise some demons here.”"

Andy Dalton won’t share product that lifted hair game (NFL)

"Dalton is enjoying the season of his life — the driving force on offense for an 8-0 Bengals team. Some have tied Dalton’s stunning rise from quarterback everyman to Superman thanks to a new haircut that has raised Dalton’s swag game considerably."

Bengals’ Film Session: How to combat Watt (Cincinnati Enquirer)

"“If you look offensively, we’ve been in a lot of shotgun,” [Chris] Crocker said. “That really allows J.J. to really tee off on the quarterback. We have to do more than that. We have to get under center, use a lot more play action, two tight ends on his side. Just not make it easy for him. Make him have to run around someone before he faces off on an offensive tackle and gets the one-on-one. You have to do a lot more than line up and throw the ball.”"

Bengals perfect, rest of AFC North beat up and struggling (USA Today)

"Cincinnati (8-0) has the biggest lead of any team in the NFL, up four games in the loss column over second-place Pittsburgh (5-4). At this point, they’re not even talking about the division title anymore.The better questions: Can the Steelers pull through all of their injuries and stay in the wild-card chase? Can the Ravens (2-6) and Browns (2-7) become respectable? And how long can the Bengals keep running the table?"


‘Concussion’ isn’t exactly soft on the NFL (USA Today)

"“Anybody who sees this movie, the idea that we were soft on the NFL (is ridiculous). We’re not hard on the NFL and we’re not soft on the NFL; we’re truthful. The truth hits the NFL right between the eyes in this movie. There’s no punches pulled at all.”"

Karlos Williams ties NFL record with touchdown catch against Jets (Pro Football Talk)

"Buffalo Bills running back Karlos Williamstied an NFL record with his 26-yard touchdown catch from Tyrod Taylor on Thursday night.It was the sixth straight game Williams has score a touchdown to begin his career, which matches the record set by former New England Patriots running back Robert Edwards in 1998."

The NFL Treated Tom Brady More Like a Criminal Than Greg Hardy (Forbes)

"Perhaps the most unsettling aspect of Greg Hardy’s pre-disciplinary NFL hearing is the open forum he was given to obfuscate the details of his domestic violence incident and besmirch his accuser Nicole Holder’s character. The NFL’s lawyers offered Hardy minimal pushback throughout the ordeal and at one point allowed his attorney, Frank Maister, to speak uninterrupted for 13 pages of transcript. It was quite a different tone from Tom Brady’s combative appeal hearing, which featured several contentious exchanges. In Roger Goodell’s NFL, alleged ball deflation appears to be investigated with more ferocity than alleged domestic assault."