NFL Playoff: Seeding and Projections

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At Week 10, the NFL season is in full force. Each and every week is crucial for teams trying to win their respective divisions and for teams in the hunt to secure one of the two Wild Card berths in each conference. While there are a few definitive front runners in both the AFC and NFC, a few teams in the Wild Card hunt appear to be heating up as the season enters December. Here is a look at the current seedings and some predictions moving forward.

AFC: Current Seeding

1. New England Patriots (9-0)

Remaining Games: vs. Bills (5-4), at Broncos (7-2), vs. Eagles (4-5), at Texans (4-5), vs. Titans (2-7), at Jets (5-4), at Dolphins (4-5)

2. Cincinnati Bengals (8-1)

Remaining Games: at Cardinals (7-2), vs. Rams (4-5), at Browns (2-8), vs. Steelers (6-4), at 49ers (3-6), at Broncos (7-2), vs. Ravens (2-7)

3. Denver Broncos (7-2)

Remaining Games: at Bears (4-5), vs. Patriots (9-0), at Chargers (2-7), vs. Raiders (4-5), at Steelers (6-4), vs. Bengals (8-1), vs. Chargers (2-7)

4. Indianapolis Colts (4-5)

Remaining Games: at Falcons (6-3), vs. Buccaneers (4-5), at Steelers (6-4), at Jaguars (3-6), vs. Texans (4-5), at Dolphins (4-5), vs. Titans (2-7)

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4)

Remaining Games: at Seahawks (4-5), vs. Colts (4-5), at Bengals (8-1), vs. Broncos (7-2), at Ravens (2-7), at Browns (2-8)

6. Buffalo Bills (5-4)

Remaining Games: at Patriots (9-0), at Chiefs (4-5), vs. Texans (4-5), at Eagles (4-5), at Redskins (4-5), vs. Cowboys (2-7), vs. Jets (5-4

In the Hunt: New York Jets (5-4), Kansas City Chiefs (4-5), Oakland Raiders (4-5), Houston Texans (4-5), Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6), Miami Dolphins (4-5)

When I look at the remaining schedules some teams clearly have a easier path toward the playoffs and seeding. I believe the Patriots will not lose a regular season game with no clear challenges in their path. The Bengals have some tough games ahead and my though is that they will finish 3-4 the rest of the way dropping them to the 3rd seed.

The Broncos just need someone who doesn’t turn the ball over and Brock Oswiler has been sitting, learning, and waiting for his opportunity to shine. I see them finishing at 12-4. In the AFC South a losing record might take the division and I think the Texans will edge out the Colts and get to an 8-8 record. The Steelers lose one remaining game and the Chiefs go on a run and beat out the Bills for the final wildcard sport.

Final Seeding Predictions:

  1. Patriots AFC East Champs
  2. Broncos AFC West Champs
  3. Bengals AFC North Champs
  4. Texans  AFC South Champs
  5. Steelers Wildcard
  6. Chiefs    Wildcard

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