3 Teams Cincinnati Bengals Hope Miss the Playoffs

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The Cincinnati Bengals have all but locked up a playoff berth. With four games left to play, here are three teams that the Bengals will be hoping to miss the playoffs.

The Cincinnati have gone one-and-done in the playoffs for an infuriating four years in a row, but with this season’s success, a playoff win is looking more and more achievable.

But after a crazy start to the season in which only the Bengals, Broncos and Patriots looked like solid playoff contenders, the field is finally evening out. Teams like the Chiefs, Jets, Steelers and Texans are thriving and look primed to pose a threat in the playoffs.

Even if Cincinnati ends up keeping on trajectory and earning a first-round playoff bye, the Bengals would still face a daunting task in facing a good team with a playoff win under its belt.

That being said, some teams are better than others.

While the Bengals lost their most recent playoff matchup with the New York Jets in the 2009 Wild Card round, Cincinnati smothered New York 49-9 in 2013. While New York has a stingy defense, it’s likely that the Jets’ D wouldn’t be able to stick around with Cincinnati’s offense. And facing a below-average offense, it’s likely that the Bengals’ D could put the clamp down on New York’s offense.

Indianapolis annihilated Cincinnati in last season’s regular season matchup and won a decisive playoff matchup, but the Bengals would love to see a matchup with the Colts this season. The Colts benefitted from facing banged-up Bengals teams in both of last year’s contests, and they are a bad football team this season. The Bengals match up with the Colts very well, and they could demolish Indianapolis in a revenge game come January.

The Bengals will be rooting for New York and Indianapolis to make a playoff run, so who are the Bengals hoping will miss the playoffs?

Let’s get started.

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