Bengals Power Rankings Roundup: Week 15


The Cincinnati Bengals lost a tough game to the Pittsburgh Steelers. They had to deal with big injuries, limited experienced players, and well mistakes by an experienced quarterback. That may set them back in the Power Rankings but could they really fall that far? Check out this weeks power rankings roundup.

Fansided Staff’s Power Rankings: #6

"The Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, but the game’s outcome pales in comparison to the real loss of quarterback Andy Dalton."

Peter King of #9

"If AJ McCarron cannot win at the Niners on Sunday, you’ve got the wrong backup quarterback to Andy Dalton—and there’s a legit chance the Bengals will be playing as a wild card, not a division titleist."

Elliot Harrison of #9

"The worst possible scenario for the Bengals went down this past weekend: They lost their game against the Steelers and they lost their MVP candidate of a quarterback. Now, not only is a first-round bye in jeopardy, but so is the AFC North. Luckily for Cincy, Dalton won’t need surgery and could be back for the playoffs, potentially keeping the team’s postseason hopes from being doused by injuries for a second straight year. Still, Sunday’s game will mark the first Bengals contest not started by Dalton since 2010, who has stayed upright his entire career (77 games) till now. Character-check time in Cincinnati."

It looks like Elliot Harrison and Peter King both drank the wrong kool-aid after Sunday’s loss. Instead of waiting to see if the Bengals can overcome an injury, with a quarterback, who has big game experience, they loss all control and drop them behind a Steelers team who isn’t even in the playoff’s yet. Glad we have ESPN to come to the rescue, right? Power Rankings: #4

"Andy Dalton is down. Former Alabama QB AJ McCarron takes over for Cincinnati, but an Alabama quarterback hasn’t won an NFL start since Jeff Rutledge in 1987."

Pete Prisco of #5

"How long will Andy Dalton sit? The good news is his thumb isn’t broken. The bad news is he will miss time."

The good news, the Bengals have doubters and that seems to be when the Bengals rise up, remember after Houston or even last season’s loss in the playoffs. This season and this team has shown they are legit, 53 players can overcome one injury. Just ask the Broncos!