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Cincinnati Bengals: Down but Certainly Not Out


For those who don’t know, I live near Pittsburgh and I have heard every day from Steelers fans and media in Pittsburgh. I have heard everything from the Steelers chances to win the AFC North just doubled, tripled, even a foregone conclusion.

First off, nothing is done until the season has ended and the dust settles. The Bengals have over come adversity before and has given us no reason to believe anything different this time. Second, yes the Steelers have a mathematical chance to still win the division and until they no longer do, we will hear nothing but Steelers fans talking about six rings and the past, but the Bengals are still two games ahead with three games to play.

Getting past all of that though, the Cincinnati Bengals play two of their last three games against sub-.500 teams and last time I checked, we still have A.J. Green, Marvin Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and even Tyler Eifert, as long as he passes concussion protocol. They have the weapons and a quarterback who has the confidence of any NFL starter. Even with A.J. McCarron starting at quarterback, a full week of practice should give him a better chance to succeed.

The defense looks like they will get Adam Jones back sooner than later, barring any set backs during practice. Vontaze Burfict was also back at practice and they will hope to get Hall back at practice and hopefully Iloka. If they can get players healthy, this defense should return to top 10 form in time for their run to the playoffs and a hopeful first round bye.

The Bengals may be getting injured at the wrong time, and they may not have their biggest offensive leader this season, but this team is 53 guys, not just one. The Bengals have had a next man up mentality and this situation with Andy Dalton is no different. McCarron is confident and the offense looked as if they rallied around him on Sunday, so there is no reason they won’t against the 49ers and going forward for the foreseeable future. The Bengals may be down, but don’t count them out just yet!