Cincinnati Bengals: Power Rankings Roundup Week 16


The Cincinnati Bengals overcame a poor rushing performance, using a back up quarterback, and no Tyler Eifert to lock up their fifth straight trip to the post season. The Bengals will face a big test on Sunday night, but was this performance enough to give Elliot Harrison and Peter King a little more faith in this team?

Elliot Harrison of #8

"So much for the concern about A.J. McCarron … at least, when Cincy causes four turnovers. We’ll see if the Bengals deserve to be higher when they face the Broncos on Monday night. Part of the issue with moving Cincy back up (after dropping them from the top five following Andy Dalton‘s thumb injury in Week 14) is that three of the teams sitting just above — the Seahawks, Steelers and Chiefs — are playing as well as anyone in the league. Still, the Bengals’ defensive performance in San Francisco was impressive, as almost half of the 49ers’ yardage came in garbage time."

Peter King of #9

"Cincinnati at Denver. Likely McCarron at Osweiler. Flip a coin."

Fansided’s Staff Power Rankings: #5

"The Cincinnati Bengals are undoubtedly a far lesser team with Andy Dalton injured and not starting at quarterback. Despite his mild struggles prior to suffering the injury last week, he’s far and away their best option at the position and has shown this season how dominant he can be when he’s at his best. Even without him, the Bengals showed in Week 15 that they can survive even without Dalton."’s Power Rankings: #5

"The Bengals won with A.J. McCarron at quarterback Sunday, but the defense is mostly to thank. The Bengals had a season-high four takeaways, scoring 14 of their 24 points off turnovers."

Pete Prisco of #5

"A.J. McCarron wasn’t awful in his first start, but he will have to be much better against the Broncos this week."

McCarron was as perfect as a second year backup can be with very limited game experience. He got the job done and the defense stepped up. They will get the Broncos this week, win and they get the first round bye and clinch the AFC North, lose and week 17 becomes the most important game of the season.