Men in Stripes: Combine, NFL Draft and Bengals Free Agency

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After a few weeks of taking time off and also dealing with technical difficulties, Men in Stripes made our triumphant return to the internet airwaves.

This weeks show attacked a few huge parts of recent news amongst the NFL Combine, Free Agency, and what we expect from the Bengals moving into the 2016 Regular Season. A few lengthy discusuons occur during this weeks show such as:

We get it covered as much as possible.

Also in this weeks episode Matthew and I do our classic segment of “Picking up or Putting Down” From this weeks segment we discuss do we think that Andy Dalton will throw more than 30 touchdown passes? Will Cornerback Darqueze Dennard end up becoming the Bengals staring Nickel cornerback? Does Adam Jones take a return back to the end zone? Will the Bengals go as far as making a jaw dropping move in free agency?

To verify Matthew and Tim have a few disagreements here on this segment. This week, Matthew guarantee’s that Jeremy Hill runs for 15 touchdowns. Tim goes as far to predict Cleveland Browns wideout Travis Benjamin as a potential target for the Bengals in 2016 with the potential losses of Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu.

In a tough time of post super bowl but pre-draft and free agency, the guys at Men in Stripes make sure to get you the best and most coverage for the Bengals and all while trying to touch base on all the best news in the NFL.

So without further ado, here we are with this weeks episode of Men in Stripes brought to you by Did we also take the time to mention you can subscribe to the show on Itunes? Therefore you can subscribe to the show and have each new episode automatically downloaded to your iTunes account for free.